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MANUFACTURING – DISTRIBUTION – MAINTENANCE – REPAIR - take advantage of the full Kolberg service in the field of percussion as well as orchestra equipment, all from one hand. Our fine team of expert craftsmen is quick and flexible enough to comply with your individual demands. We promise to always execute your orders smoothly and to your complete satisfaction. From triangle beaters to concert timpani, from damper holder to conductor's stand - we continue to evolve Kolberg products according to the latest state of the art, with the best available technology and closely working together with our customers. Always expect top-of-the-line quality and serviceable solutions from Kolberg.

The new mallet backpack "Masterpiece"

The mallet backpack "Masterpiece" is the ideal companion for the multi-percussionist. In addition to the generous and versatile interior for mallets, sheet music and accessories, it offers all the features of a high-quality backpack.

25 years of tubular bells "Messiaen"

This unique Kolberg invention was specially developed for contemporary music such as the opera "Saint François d'Assise" by Messiaen or his orchestral piece “Chronochromie”.

The instrument can be played either standing or sitting. The tubular bell set is mobile in both the reclined and upright position, and can quickly and easily be moved to a new position by two people.


More information about the tubular bells "Messiaen" 

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Le sacre du printemps - Ludwigsburg Festival Orchestra
Kolberg presents the Free-Standing LED-Lamp Stoccarda

Often, the question of illumination for keyboard instruments in the orchestra pit has not been solved ideally. The problems mostly already begin with the affixing of the lamp to the instrument, as the different manners in which the instruments are constructed do not permit uniform fixtures. Out of necessity unsatisfactory in-house solutions are born that do not do justice to the demands made in the orchestra pit.


Thanks to the free-standing LED-lamp "Stoccarda" you need no longer enter into any compromises. It illuminates perfectly both the keyboard and the sheet music.

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Concerto for oboe and timpani by Georg Druschetzky

NEW: The Kolberg Percussion Range Scale

Ideal for percussionists and composers!

It provides a quick overview of the range of nearly all pitched percussion instruments. For better orientation pitches are labelled according to the German, Italian and international notation and to the international pitch numbering system.

Order your free copy now: by phone (+49) 7161 3005-30 or e-mail: info(at)kolberg.com

Starter tambourines for schools and musical societies

Starter tambourine, 1 row

For the entry-level in schools and musical societies we have designed a "starter tambourine featuring a balanced sound mix.

The bronze jingles deliver a full, sonorous sound while the chrome jingles respond with a bright and gentle sound when played delicately, making the tambourine suitable for universal use depending on playing technique and required application. Providing an assertive yet subtle sound mix at the same time.


Tabourine "Mix", 2 rows

In addition to the "Starter" tambourine we designed for use in schools and musical societies, there is this second series of tambourines: "Mix" , with a fixed, balanced sound mix.

Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra - Rehearsal for SHEHERAZADE