4311 DLS + 2355
4311 DLS 4311 DLS + 2470 Free-standing LED-lamp "Stoccarda" Free-standing LED-lamp "Stoccarda"
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Free-standing LED-lamp "Stoccarda"
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4311 DLS
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Often, the question of illumination for keyboard instruments in the orchestra pit has not been solved ideally. The problems mostly already begin with the affixing of the lamp to the instrument, as the different manners in which the instruments are constructed do not permit uniform fixtures. Out of necessity unsatisfactory in-house solutions are born that do not do justice to the demands made in the orchestra pit.

Variably deployable
The easy handling and unobtrusive design of the free-standing LED-lamp "Stoccarda" permit a wide-ranging usage of this lamp in the orchestra pit. For example, in the percussion register the lamps on the music stands are often not able to shed sufficient light on the, mallets, small instruments or the timpani pitch indicator. Thanks to the free-standing LED-lamp "Stoccarda" this is no longer a problem. This lamp provides light wherever it is needed.

No more compromises
Thanks to the free-standing LED-lamp "Stoccarda" you need no longer enter into any compromises. It illuminates perfectly both the keyboard and the sheet music.
  • Deployable for all keyboard instruments as it may be adjusted in both depth and height
  • A flat base for instruments with low floor clearance such as the celesta or keyboard glockenspiel
  • May be taken apart for transport or storage
  • A robust construction to cope with the day-to-day life of an orchestra
  • Unobtrusive design
  • If desired, available with casters for a surcharge (item no. 4311 DLSR)
  • Perfect LED-light of a very high quality of light (CRI 95)
  • Dimmable by leading phase control (24 V AC, 230 V AC with a mains adaptor 4315 DLS NTK)
  • Dimmable by DC voltage
  • Dimmable both centrally and locally
  • Fully compatible with the Kolberg LED-Programme (e.g. rechargeable battery and additional modules)

We would gladly send you a sample specimen of the lamp without obligation. Please provide us with the following information when making an enquiry:
  • What is the supply voltage in your orchestra pit?
  • What kind of plug connector do you use?
  • Is the lamp also to be operated at 230 V?

Technical data

Dimensions (length x width x height in mm):
Retracted: 1,150 x 640 x 950
Extended: 1,400 x 640 x 1,600
Operational voltage: from 14 V DC to 19 V DC
Power consumption: 8.5 W at full brightness
Level of illumination: maximum 1,400 Lux at a distance of 35 cm (approx. 1,100 lm)
Colour temperature: 3,000 K
CRI-Index: 95
Lighting duration battery: min. 10 h for operation with 100 Wh Li-Ion battery
Connector plug: 5 pin XLR black
Energy efficiency class: A+ (8.5 kWh per 1,000 h)