Tambourine "Starter" with natural head, Ø 25 cm
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Tambourine "Starter" with natural head, Ø 25 cm
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2025 BC
0.28 kg

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For the entry-level in schools and musical societies we have designed a starter tambourine featuring a balanced sound mix.

Size 1 row
25 cm/10" 5 pairs of bronze and chrome jingles each

The bronze jingles deliver a full, sonorous sound while the chrome jingles respond with a bright and gentle sound when played delicately, making the tambourine suitable for universal use depending on playing technique and required application. Providing an assertive yet subtle sound mix at the same time, it is the ideal starter tambourine for schools and musical societies.

Natural head with special head treatment
  • Transparent premium-quality calf heads (Kalfo):
    The head is glued directly to the shell by means of a special manufacturing process, thus avoiding plastic stripping or the hindrance of clips and tacks.
  • Special head treatment:
    • The edge of the head in its entire circumference is treated with a particular compound that does away with the need to wet the thumb for rolls!
    • Directly across from the grip the head treatment compound is applied somewhat wider, providing a larger friction surface.

Shell with ergonomically formed grip
The ergonomically formed grip and flat shell make sure that small hands can comfortably hold and dampen the instrument, too. It can be picked up quickly and noiselessly with just one hand. The shell is made from a single piece of multi-glued plies of European common beech; its light weight and absolute stability guarantee ease of playing.

Accessories (additional price)

  • Special powder TKP to reapply the head treatment yourself
  • Bag for tambourine 2025 H

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