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Adélaïde Ferrière is official Kolberg Percussion Artist

As winner of 15 awards in France and abroad (France, Austria, Netherlands, USA), Adélaïde Ferrière was the first percussionist ever to be named one of the "24èmes Victoires de la Musique Classique".

Today we are proud to announce that Adélaïde Ferrière will from now on represent the name Kolberg worldwide as "Kolberg Percussion Artist". In addition to her virtuosic skills and her extraordinary musical expression, it was her personal history that led us to this partnership.

As is also a Kolberg tradition, Adélaïde comes from a family of musicians and has dedicated her life to music since her earliest childhood. She often breaks new ground and can be admired, for example, in her interpretation of Rhapsody in Blue - played and recorded above the rooftops of New York.

Her concerts and guest appearances at festivals have taken her to stages all over the world - from Paris or Monte-Carlo to Dublin, Colombia or Latvia. She has been described as a "star of classical percussion" by Radio Classique, for example, and „The Times" is delighted with the "impressive flair" of her music.

You can see for yourself on her website:

We are looking forward to the cooperation and the great music that will be made possible.

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