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Nozomi Hiwatashi is official Kolberg Artist

Pure joy in music and the infinite sound possibilities of percussion - the outstanding Japanese artist Nozomi Hiwatashi inspires with musical sensitivity, technical precision and a pulsating joy of playing, which is transmitted equally to the audience, the specialist press and the juries of numerous international competitions.

Her entry into the semi-finals of the 68th International ARD Competition 2019, the 2nd prize as well as the Willem Vos Award at the TROMP International Percussion Competition Eindhoven 2020 and the 1st prize at the Southern California Marimba Competition 2021 in a very short time as well as further successes in Italy and Japan confirmed her as one of the most successful young artists in the percussion world.

From the marimba into the world of Kolberg Percussion

After intensive marimba studies at the University of Music Tokyo with Prof. Momoko Kamiya, Prof. Atsushi Sugahara, Syouichi Kubo and Hidemi Murase, her artistic career took a decisive turn through a broadcast of the ARD international competition.

The performance of the artists, especially the students of the Stuttgart percussion class, as well as the variety and sound quality of the sounding instruments inspired her to further explore the world of percussion instruments in Germany.

As an official Kolberg Artist, she is now part of our vision and family, inspiring us with her virtuosity and joy of playing.

Have a look:

In addition to numerous scholarships and grants (Yamaha Music Foundation Scholarship, Seki Art Foundation Japan, Scholarship from Tokyo College of Music, Interstip Scholarship Germany), she has performed on stage at numerous national and international festivals and concerts such as PULSE 2020 in Copenhagen (Denmark), Matinée Concert at the 68th ARD International Competition in Munich (Germany), performances as a guest soloist with the Gala Orchestra at the University of Music Tokyo (Japan) as well as the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich (Germany).

Her first percussion teacher was Prof. Toshiaki Ishiuchi. She is currently completing her artistic diploma (solo concert exam) at the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts with Prof. Marta Klimasara and Prof. Klaus Dreher and is advised and supported by Prof. Jürgen Spitschka, Tomohiro Nishikubo and Satoko Ichimaru.

Nozomi's personal recommendation: Bass Drum "Rebonds

The instruments I immediately fell in love with are the Rebonds A & B set-ups, especially the bass drum "Rebonds". 

When I got to know this instrument, I said to myself: "Oh, this is the sound I was looking for! That's it, that's it! This was what I was looking for!" 

This big drum has an inherently coherent sound that hits you in the stomach like the kick of a drum kit, but it also has a resonance and depth that makes the earth tremble. This balance is truly extraordinary and I have rarely heard it like this! The name of this instrument is "Rebonds", but I think it can also be used for almost any other setup, not only Xenakis' works.

I can highly recommend this drum, as it is also designed to be easy to pack and practical to transport, so that it can "travel" to every concert.


Phot Credits: Ida Pöhlmann

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