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Flügelschrauben, aufsteckbar, Satz
Wing screws, set
    item no.: PRFFSB
  • for Kolberg Baroque and Chamber Music Timpani
Special 4-sizes-key for Kolberg symphonic timpani
    item no.: PRSCHLK
  • Combination between tuning key (key size AF 8) and Allen wrench for all the screws on Kolberg concert timpani. timpani.
Sterngriff Konzertpauke, abnehmbar
Star-shaped handle for fine tuner rod, removable
    item no.: PRFSG
  • for Kolberg symphonic timpano
Stimmkurbel Konzertpauke, abnehmbar
Tuning crank for fine tuning rod, removable
    item no.: PRFSK
  • for Kolberg symphonic timpano
Stimmkurbel Barock-/Kammermusikpauke, abnehmbar
Tuning crank, removable
    item no.: PRFSKB
  • for Kolberg chamber music timpano
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