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Asian sleigh-bells on handle
Asian sleigh-bells on handle
    • Dark sounding bronze jingles, especially for rhythmically accentuated play, no reverberation.
    • 3 variants
Mozartglocken c2, e2, f2, g2, a2 "Deutsche Tänze"
Sleigh bells Mozart "Deutsche Tänze"
    item no.: 1415
  • Set of five handles with 3 bells each tuned in c2, e2, f2, g2, a2
Sonagli Abrahamsen "Schnee" d2, d#2, f2, f#2
Sleigh bells Abrahamsen "Schnee"
    item no.: 1417
  • Set of four handles with 3 bells each tuned in d2, d#2, f2, f#2
Sleigh-bells on leather strap
    item no.: 1911
  • Bright sounding steel jingles fastened to a flexible leather strap with connected ends. Especially suited for highly differentiated jingling noise.
Sonagli-Ring, Roll-/Schlittenschellen
Sleigh-bells ring
    item no.: 1915
  • Many options for very sophisticated play, especially for Mahler, Symphony No. 2 and Orff "Carmina Burana"

Sonagli-Stab, mit Aufhängeschnur und Abstellplatte
Sleigh-bells mounted on handle, with depositing plate
    item no.: 1913P
  • like sleigh-bells 1913, but with suspension cord and depositing plate

Sonagli-Stab, mit Aufhängeschnur
Sleigh-bells mounted on handle, with suspension cord
    item no.: 1913
  • Bright sounding steel jingles on handle, especially suited to rhythmic playing.
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