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Re-inventing Celesta Construction Years of stagnation in international celesta-construction... more
Product information "Celesta"

Re-inventing Celesta Construction

Years of stagnation in international celesta-construction have finally been ended by a new and exclusive Kolberg development.



Item no.23552356
Rangef - f5 (5 octaves, international F3 - F8)c - f5 (5½ octaves, international C3 - F8)
Pitch443 Hz
(other pitches available on request)
443 Hz
(other pitches available on request)
Body dimensions
(width x depth x height)
113 x 84 x 113 cm123 x 84 x 113 cm
Outer dimensions
carrying handles included

(width x depth x height)
123 x 87 x 113 cm133 x 87 x 113 cm
Weight124 kg137 kg



  • Every bar is made from a very special alloy in finely balanced dimensions.
  • The bars are suspended exactly at their nodal points of vibration with an elastic fixing system, so that the vibration time of the individual notes is greatly enhanced.
  • The hardness of the material used for the striking hammers is adapted to every tone from bass to discant.
  • Exact dimensions of the individual resonators guarantee maximum sound volume


Of course you also profit by our decades of experience in tuning high quality mallet instruments. The instrument is perfectly tuned to the partial row of tones (fundamental, octave, third). This is why it blends so very well into the harmony of the other instruments in the orchestra.


The special action system has been developed exclusively for Kolberg Percussion in cooperation with Renner, Stuttgart, a market leader in this field. It is similar to a grand piano mechanism: the touch of the player's hand is transmitted directly through key and hammer to the bars - no losses on the way. The resulting sensitive response is more than agreeable. Due to the compact and easily accessable action system, maintenance and service for the Kolberg celesta are unproblematic. Any piano builder can readjust the mechanism and the keyboard on site.


The resonance case is made from European native woods and combines functionality and modern design. Protected sound openings allow for unimpeded sound development. Large and sturdy fully locking swivel casters and end-to-end handles on both sides, serving also as shock-protection, stand the test in practical operation.
Colour: varnished satin frosted common beech natural or black


Accessories (extra charge)

  • Protective cover for celesta
  • Flight case for celesta
  • Piano/celesta stool 3113
  • Piano/celesta stool, non-swivelling 3113D
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Weight: 137 kg
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