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Tubular Bell Set "Messiaen" 1.5 octaves c2 - f3

Röhrenglockenspiel "Messiaen" 1,5 Oktaven c2 - f3
Röhrenglockenspiel "Messiaen" 1,5 Oktaven c2 - f3
Röhrenglockenspiel "Messiaen" 1,5 Oktaven c2 - f3

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  • 2455SL
  • Röhrenglockenspiel "Messiaen" 1,5 Oktaven c2 - f3
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A reclined version of the "International" tubular bell set, specially developed for virtuoso... more
Product information "Tubular Bell Set "Messiaen" 1.5 octaves c2 - f3"

A reclined version of the "International" tubular bell set, specially developed for virtuoso playing such as in the opera "Saint François d'Assise" by Olivier Messiaen:
The instrument can be played either standing or sitting (playing height approx. 80 cm). This innovation offers the musician a unique level of performance comfort with the additional advantage of being able to keep both the music and the conductor easily in sight. The tubular bell set is mobile in both the reclined and upright position, and can quickly and easily be moved to a new position by two people.


Tonal rangec2 - f3 (1.5 octaves, international C5 - F6)
Pitch443 Hz
(other pitches available on request)
Tube diameter38 mm/1.5" (international standard)
Materialexclusive bell brass
Surface variations: 
- Standard:lacquered
- Additional chargehigh-gloss chrome-plated
Stand dimensions (WxDxH)95 x 51 x 160 cm
Stand dimensions reclined (WxDxH)160 x 103 x 94 cm
(with music stand 125 cm)



The "International" tubular bells with their clear tonal properties are ideal for use in transparent contemporary music. The very strongly rounded contact head provides the bell hammer with an enlarged contact surface, creating a warm and clear tonal character and ensuring excellent tonal quality. The bell's carrying sound is further enhanced by the especially thick tube walls. All "International" tubular bells in the f1 - f3 (F4-F6,2 octaves) range are also individually available. Upon request bells can be custom made in the range from c1 - e1/C4-E4 and f#3 - c4/F#6-C7.


Note on pitch/notation

Notation: f - f2/F3-F5
Pitch: one octave higher (f1 - f3/F4-F6)
From Karl Peinkofer in the "Handbuch des Schlagzeugs" (2nd edition 1981, pg. 75): "The definition "pitch as written" refers to the reverberation sound, as in the tonal blend of the attack the upper octave dominates."


Quality features

The contact head of the bell is connected to the tube by a special process meaning that it cannot become loose through vibrations occurring during playing, causing disturbing noises or becoming detached. The particularly strongly rounded, therefore increased contact surface of the bells and the unusually large wall thickness (2.5 mm) allow the excellent tonal quality and volume of the Kolberg "International" tubular bells.


Tubular bell suspension

We use specially woven, heavy duty nylon cords on all of our products, which are produced exclusively for Kolberg Percussion. These special, high quality cords do not cause any vibrational noise, are extremely durable and convenient to use.


Tubular bell stand

  • Two column, stable construction from square tubular steel, scratch and impact resistant black-silver powder-coated
  • All structural components are welded and therefore completely connected ensuring they do not warp or vibrate. The sound of the bells can develop freely and is not affected by unwanted noises caused by the stand.
  • Stable, fully locking swivel casters with a solid rubber surface



A speciality of the Kolberg tubular bell sets is the very effective and reliable damping system. Large damping surfaces made from thick, very sound absorbing wool felt plates in front of and behind the bells allow a fast and instant damping of the bell sound after pedal use. The damping system is completely silent and remains maintenance free over a long period of time.

In order to achieve optimal sound even in reclined position, the lower ends of the bells lay on special cords. Dampening as with hanging tubular bells is only possible to a limited extent due to the physical conditions. The tubular bell set "Messiaen" is therefore ideal for performing virtuoso legato passages and less suitable for harmonic damping (such as with a glockenspiel with pedal).



The wide damping pedal on the upright instrument can be individually height adjusted. Stable, soft rubber buffers on the damping bar eliminate noise transmission to the ground. In sitting the damper is applied with a wide pedal plate. Readjustment can be done easily.


Accessories (included)

  • 1 height adjustable music stand with mounting, can be used sitting or standing, allowing the musician to have both the music and conductor in sight at all times.
  • 1 pair tubular bell hammers ES843H


Accessories (extra charge)

The perfectly matched range of accessories make Kolberg's products worldwide unique in the day-to-day work on stage. This maximizes the tonal development of the instruments, enables convenient handling for the musician and facilitates transport.



In order to cover a wide sound spectrum and to form the characteristic bell sound, we provide a unique variety of mallets. Our range includes 12 different tubular bell hammers - finely differentiated in size and hardness, and with special attention paid to the weight. Additionally, other special and cluster mallets are available. We can advise you on your individual choice.



Tubular bell stand for 7 "International" tubular bells 2458S
Extremely stable, mobile and compact tubular bell stand. Height adjustable and with pedal damping. Suitable for rehearsals or performance with few or single bells.


The Kolberg Combination Stand System offers diverse and multifunctional possibilities to hang single or a set of tubular bells, with or without damping.

Our recommended stands:

  • Combination stand for 4 tubular bells with manual damping, mobile and demountable 224RGD
  • Combination stand for 8 tubular bells with manual damping, mobile and demountable 110H_RGD
  • Combination stand/gibbet stand for 6 tubular bells, mobile and demountable XII



  • Transportation cover for 1.5 octaves tubular bell set
  • Flight case for 1.5 octaves tubular bell set
  • Transportation cover for 6 tubular bells 2598
  • Flight case for 25 tubular bells 2458R
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Tubular bells hammers "Elastic"
Tubular bells hammers "Elastic"

- 3 sizes

  • Variante: small / 40 mm / 220 g
  • Variante: 300 mm
  • Art.-Nr.: ES843H
  • Weight: 0.44 kg
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