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Field drum with wooden shell

Field drum with wooden shell

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head option (batter/resonant):

snare options:

  • 516RH2_HA
  • Rührtrommel mit Holzkessel
Kolberg field drums with wooden shell have a warm, sonorous and voluminous sound. The standard... more
Product information "Field drum with wooden shell"

Kolberg field drums with wooden shell have a warm, sonorous and voluminous sound. The standard two headed instruments with snares are available in three different sizes. Different heads and snares are available for selection so that your instrument can be put together individually.


Standard equipment


Item no.Dimensions Division
514RH14" x 14"35 cm x 35 cm8
515RH15" x 15"38 cm x 38 cm8
516RH16" x 16"41 cm x 41 cm8



  • 6 layered cross laminated common beech shell, multi-lacquered interior
  • Colour: hard wearing, scratch resistant mahogany decor
    (decor black on request)


Steel counterhoop

Extremely stable counterhoop for a precise tension distribution, high-gloss chrome-plated


Tensioning lugs

  • Solid high-quality die-cast zinc, high-gloss chrome-plated
  • Spring-mounted lug nuts facilitate the tuning of the drums and prevent the tensioning screws from jamming


Head options

Batter head

  • plastic head REMO Renaissance®
  • calf head KALFO


Resonant head

plastic head REMO Weatherking™


Tuning key included


Snare options

Finely adjustable release mechanism with

  • snare wire
  • gut snares
  • wound snares (nickel silver)
  • steel wires


 Mounting options

  • Rubber mounting-piece 142GSH, to fit swivelling stand upper part 142B
  • Legs for tom-tom and field drum 616SBS


Accessories (additional charge)

Wooden slitted plates

A wooden slitted plate with different sounding tongues can be mounted onto a Kolberg field drum instead of one head. Thus with disengaged snares one can imitate the sound of a wooden barrel, sake barrel, wooden tom-tom or log drum.



Recommended stand from our range: Combination swivelling stand for drums 100R_142B

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Weight: 8 kg
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