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Chamber music timpano

Chamber music timpano
Chamber music timpano
Chamber music timpano
Chamber music timpano
Chamber music timpano

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  • KMP30Z_HA
  • Kammermusikpauke
The Kolberg chamber music timpano is a further development of the traditional baroque timpano to... more
Product information "Chamber music timpano"

The Kolberg chamber music timpano is a further development of the traditional baroque timpano to a pedal timpano with further multifunctional tuning variants. The innovation gives the timpanist the choice between a baroque screw, crank or modern pedal mechanism. The most important point remains traditional - the sound! The flat oval hand-hammered copper bowls allow a very clear, bright and percussive sound with precise articulation. The timpani thus fit perfectly into the sound of baroque and early classical literature and are suitable for both chamber music ensembles and symphony orchestras.



Item no.No.Bowl diametreRange
KMP30130"/770 mmD - c (D2-C3)
KMP28228"/720 mmE - d (E2-D3)
KMP26326"/670 mmA - f# (A2-F#3)
KMP25425"/625 mmc - a (C3-A3)
KMP23523"/575 mme - c1 (E3-C4)

(Sets can be put together individually.)



The bowl is made with traditional craftsmanship from three high quality copper sheet segments and is hammered completely by hand. Based on the historical timpani, the bowl is produced with a dark, vintage surface. The sound quality is refi ned by the flat and very narrow bowl rim supports.



The frame is made of hammered wrought iron, black-copper powder-coated and is thus extremely scratch- and shockproof. The timpano is constructed in the historical 7 tensioning screw division. In the standard version, the timpano is equipped with 4 sturdy fully locking swivel casters with solid rubber tread. Upon request, gliders can be mounted. A version without casters or gliders is also possible. Playing height with casters: approx. 81 cm / Playing height with gliders: approx. 74 cm / Playing height basic: approx. 71 cm



The pedal is infinitely adjustable and lockable. By pressing the pedal plate slightly, the pedal lock can be changed silently and safely in both directions.



The small flat tuning gauge is placed in unobtrusive position under the counterhoop. The tone scale is virtually invisible to the audience. The tuning gauge indices are inclined towards the player and can be easily shifted and locked in position without requiring tools. The tuning gauge can be ordered either for German set-up (bass timpano on the right) or international set-up (bass timpano on the left).



The chamber music timpano has a discreet fi ne tuner T-handle. The tuning rod is provided with a hardened tip, which permanently prevents the wear of the rod thread.



The chamber music timpano becomes a crank timpano, if a tuning crank (see accessory PRFSKB) is alternatively mounted on the fi ne tuner rod with square mount. Another tuning variant is provided by attached wing screws (see accessory PRFFSB) on the heads of the tensioning screws. In this way the baroque timpano becomes a traditional screw timpano.



  • Calf head "Kalfo Super Timpani" (bright and clear sound)
  • Goat head in premium quality (dry, subdued, mellow sound). The pitch can vary slightly.



  • REMO Renaissance®
  • Other products of leading manufacturers on request


ACCESSORIES (included)

  • Fine tuner T-handle PRFST
  • Timpani cover plate, lockable
  • Tuning key


ACCESSORIES (extra charge)

  • Plug-on wing screws PRFFSB
  • Tuning crank PRFSKB
  • Transport covers and flight cases in various designs
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Weight: 56 kg
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