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Professional pedal timpano

Professional pedal timpano

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  • PP32_HA
  • Professional-Pedalpauke
The Kolberg Professional pedal timpano is a perfect universal timpano. The instrument with... more
Product information "Professional pedal timpano"

The Kolberg Professional pedal timpano is a perfect universal timpano. The instrument with fibreglass bowl offers the timpanist an outstanding sound quality with straightforward handling. The fibreglass timpano is designed with a particularly voluminous bowl so that the sound quality is comparable to copper-bowl models. Weight reduction eases transportation and the lower price is good for your budget! The base with three brake casters makes the timpani ready for immediate use and provides an absolutely firm support.



Item no.No.Bowl diametreRange
PP32132"/805 mmD - c (D2-C3)
PP29229"/732 mmE - d (E2-D3)
PP26326"/655 mmA - f# (A2-F#3)
PP23423"/575 mmc - a# (C3-A#3)

Individual sets can be formed at customer's choice and can be expanded to a 5-timpani set by duplicating one size in accordance with the desired range and sound volume.



The bowl is made of high-quality fibreglass. The voluminously conceived fibreglass bowl offers excellent sound quality with low, transport friendly weight (average weight of a timpano: 24 kg). The sound quality is optimised by a precisely fitted aluminium profile strip with a very small bowl rim radius.



The angle profile counterhoop is scratch- and shockproof black-silver powder-coated, no annoying light-reflections. The tensioning screw heads do not project beyond the counterhoop, which makes the professional pedal timpano particularly grip-friendly, as well as convenient to play and to transport.



The robust base with three brake casters makes the timpani easy to manoeuvre and at the same time provides an absolutely firm support. The timpani are ready for immediate use without special set-up. Base, fittings and bowl supporting nest are scratch- and shockproof black-silver powder-coated. Fixed playing height: 85 cm



The pedal is infinitely adjustable and lockable. By pressing the pedal plate slightly, the pedal lock can be changed silently and safely in both directions.



The flat tuning gauge is very well protected during transport due to its being flush with the counterhoop and its shallow design. The tuning gauge indices are inclined towards the player and can be easily shifted and locked in position without requiring tools. The tuning gauge can be ordered either for German set-up (bass timpano on the right), international set-up (bass timpano on the left) or for universal use (on player's side). The supplied tuning key is securely and vibration-free attached to the tuning gauge holder.



Plastic head REMO Renaissance®


ACCESSORIES (included)

One mallet bag and one pair of mallets are included in the price for all orders of a set of two or more timpani.


ACCESSORIES (extra charge)

  • Timpani cover plate, lockable
  • Transport cover
  • Flight cases in various designs on request
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Weight: 26 kg
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