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Symphonic timpano "Eccellenza"

Symphonic timpano "Eccellenza"
Symphonic timpano "Eccellenza"
Symphonic timpano "Eccellenza"
Symphonic timpano "Eccellenza"
Symphonic timpano "Eccellenza"

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  • PK55ECBZ001_HA
  • Konzertpauke "Eccellenza"
Kolberg Percussion has included the symphonic timpani in its range since 1985. In addition to an... more
Product information "Symphonic timpano "Eccellenza""

Kolberg Percussion has included the symphonic timpani in its range since 1985. In addition to an exceptionally full sound, the focus so far has been on technical perfection and durability. The fact that technology can also look very good is proven by our new timpani series "Eccellenza". In cooperation with timpanist Peter Stracke, the sound has been optimised again and the appearance has been completely renewed in addition to a number of technical new features. The new slim appearance of the "Eccellenza" fits perfectly with the currently popular retro look in timpani manufacturing. As a special feature we offer the timpanist some eye-catching components in high-quality high-gloss chrome. Accordingly, the timpano does not only shine with its perfect sound in the concert hall, it is also a visual highlight.



Item no.No.Bowl-ØRange
PK11size 132"/814 mmC - c (C2-C3)
PK22size 229"/736 mmE - d (E2-D3)
PK33size 326"/660 mmA - g (A2-G3)
PK44size 423"/584 mmc - a (C3-A3)
PK55size 521"/533 mme - c1 (E3-C4)

(Other bowl sizes on request)



The timpani bowl has been designed particularly deep and voluminous to create the conditions for an extraordinary, full sound. Optionally we offer the timpani bowl in the Berlin shape (flat oval) or Dresden shape (spherical). Both bowl shapes are made with traditional craftsmanship from high quality copper sheet and are hammered completely by hand. The surface is ground, polished and lacquered. The sound quality is refined by the flat and very narrow bowl rim supports.



The timpano base is absolutely vibration-free and securely connected to the fork struts and the support ring. The timpano star achieves maximum stability through 8 reinforcement ribs. The width of the fork strut is ideally adapted to each timpani size, whereby a reliable and constant tuning is achieved. The pressure on the timpano frame and bowl is evenly distributed. The entire frame is cast from high quality aluminium alloy, black-silver powder-coated and is therefore extremely scratch- and shockproof.



Sturdy angle profile counterhoop made of high-quality steel with outside rod openings, high-gloss chrome-plated. The seat of the rod heads is milled precisely at an angle corresponding to the frame. The rod heads do not protrude beyond the counterhoop and make the symphonic timpano particularly easy to play, handle and transport.



The 8 tension rods are made of polished stainless steel. In order to avoid vibration noise, the rods are guided with special plastic flanged washers in the rod openings of the counterhoop. The special brass ball nuts integrated in the star facilitate the centering of the rods when changing the head and to prevent tilting and damaging the special thread M10. These threads are rolled and thus more resistant and durable than cut threads.



The large scale allows a very precise tuning, the pointer can be fixed very quickly by an adjustable clamping lever. For optimum readability, the tuning gauge rail and indices are inclined toward the player and the carrier is glare free black chrome-plated. The indices can be moved easily and locked securely without tools. The flat design of the tuning gauge allows a very compact placing of the timpani. Thanks to its 4-point support and large cover, it is ideally protected during transport. The individually adjustable tuning gauge rod is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the integrated rubber vibration elements, it is shock resistant and completely noise and vibration free.



The user-friendly fine tuner handle has an exact fine gearing for optimum handling without noise. The fine tuner rod made of stainless steel is provided at the upper end with a square socket and at the bottom with a hardened tip. The hardened tip prevents wear of the rod thread in the long term. The fine tuner handle, the more compact star handle or the tuning crank (see accessories) can be flexibly attached to the square mount. When the tuning crank is mounted, a pedal timpano becomes a crank timpano. In this way, you can quickly and easily convert your timpani set for difficult pieces. A clear mark on the fine tuner rod reveals the rod reserve and thus helps to control the pedal level (ideal for natural heads in extreme weather conditions).



The already familiar pedal functions with numerous adjustment options have been supplemented by a newly designed pedal step. The basis is a continuously variable Berlin pedal system with completely silent and safe pedal locking in both directions. The adjustment of the main and foot angle is fundamental for comfortable playing. The newly designed pedal step now offers a discreet ball lever instead of the large leather cuff. Heel levers and ball levers are made in an elegant wood design and can be individually adjusted to suit any foot, large or small, narrow or wide. Depending on the requirement, the timpani can be made for the German set-up (bass timpano on the right) or international set-up (bass timpano on the left). Even a subsequent conversion of the pedals is easily possible.



  • Calf head "Kalfo Super Timpani"
  • Goat head in premium quality (pitch can vary slightly)



  • REMO Renaissance®
  • Other products of leading manufacturers on request



4 sturdy, smooth-running fully locking swivel casters, 100 mm in diameter, with solid rubber tread, stainless steel spindle and lock nut, 2 of them infinitely height adjustable. Playing height: 92 cm


Equipment above standard optional (without extra charge)


- Upon request, we can supply the symphonic timpani with Dresden bowl shape instead of Berlin bowl shape. -



- Upon request, we can supply the symphonic timpani with gliders instead of casters. -

4 spherical metal gliders with stainless steel spindle and lock nut, 2 of them infinitely height adjustable. Playing height: 82 cm


Equipment above standard (extra charge)


The subject of caster or glider is certainly a question of philosophy among timpanists. In order to do justice to the musician as well as to relieve the stage manager, both options were combined in a compact exchange caster. In contrast to the caster, the glider/adjustable pin transmits the sound directly to the stage floor. When the instrument stands directly on the gliders it can be pulled or pushed easily without any damage to the floor. Changing from caster to glider/pin and vice versa is quite easy and fast.



Four retainers with felt guides secure the tension rods. Even if the timpano is not treated with due care or if transported without the appropriate case, the timpano head cannot slip from its correct position.



Black synthetic fibre pouch for tuning keys; mounted on fork strut behind fine tuner handle or opposite the tuning gauge.



The high-gloss chrome-plated exterior ring made from 30 x 15 mm flat oval tubing is extremely sturdy, protecting bowl, counterhoop, tuning gauge, fine tuner and the entire frame, facilitating handling and carrying of the timpano. Of a grip-friendly shape, it surrounds 3/4 of the timpano and is placed at the most convenient height for carrying it.



The well-known problems of natural heads with dry and cold conditions are solved by mounting a sprayer. From a small recipient a fine water mist is sprayed into the bowl.



This innovation offers the performer an exceptional help and an innovative playing quality: The interior pedal dampening with locking mechanism comprises a second pedal ergonomically mounted on the timpano star. The damper acts directly on the underside of the timpani head, at the most appropriate place for vibration damping, and can be graded precisely in the damping intensity, as well as being lockable. The system is extremely low-friction and absolutely silent, not influencing the timbre quality of the timpano in the least.



Additional adjustable footrest for a comfortable playing position


ACCESSORIES (included)

If a set of 4 is ordered these accessories are included: Special 4-sizes-key, Tuning crank and mounted key pouch


ACCESSORIES (extra charge)

  • Tuning crank for fine tuner rod PRFSK
  • Star-shaped handle for fine tuner rod PRFSG
  • Special 4-sizes-key PRSCHLK
  • Felt damping-discs with suspension cord, set of 5 PFD
  • Felt damping-discs with magnetic holder, set of 5 PFDM
  • Timpani cover plate, lockable PDV
  • Cover hood KPKKH
  • Protective cover KPKLH
  • Flight-Cases in various designs
  • Transport cart for timpani with gliders, stackable, with grip holes


Special models

On request, we also manufacture technically or visually customised models: Other bowl sizes and shapes, frame colours, crank timpani, special two-pedal models for variable use in German or international set-up, etc.


Kolberg timpani service

Whenever you wish, we can overhaul your old timpani and update them to the state of the art. Head change, maintenance and repair work can all be undertaken at short notice at our facilities, or on site, Europe-wide.


Kolberg timpani studio

Several versions (different types of bowls, counterhoops, heads etc.) of all Kolberg models are always available for testing in our timpani studio. In order to be able to offer optimum customer support, we kindly ask you to arrange an appointment before coming.

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Weight: 55 kg
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