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Triangles "Silver Virtuosity"

Triangles "Silver Virtuosity"
Triangles "Silver Virtuosity"

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side length:

  • 2130S_HA
  • Triangeln "Die virtuosen Silbernen"
  • 06DbAQt6MXU?rel=0
The triangle series "Silver Virtuosity" is another innovation of Kolberg's for special effects... more
Product information "Triangles "Silver Virtuosity""

The triangle series "Silver Virtuosity" is another innovation of Kolberg's for special effects and simplified play. Thanks to the serrated surface effortless pianissimo rolls or glissando effects can be easily realised.



Handmade in 5 sizes, Ø 12.5 mm:

Item no. Side length
2114Striangle size 114 cm
2117Striangle size 217 cm
2121Striangle size 321 cm
2125Striangle size 425 cm
2130Striangle size 530 cm
2110Striangle set of 514 - 30 cm



  • bright, brilliant
  • silvery harmonics
  • very succinct and well articulated play
  • effect triangle:
    • effortless and even rolls, from delicate pp to powerful ff
    • glissando effect



  • specially treated serrated steel, gloss chrome-plated
  • tapered tips



  • gloss chrome-plated
  • tapered tips


Accessories (additional price)

Recommended beaters

In order to cover a maximum range of sound and dynamics Kolberg Percussion provides a comprehensive range of triangle beaters to choose from. They are different in diameter, form and material. For instruments made of the "Silver Virtuosity" series we recommend triangle beaters made of stainless steel (880, 880Z). They accentuate the brillant sound character rich in overtones and are easy to handle for rolls and glissando effects.


Kolberg's new freely vibrating triangle beater series "Elastic" maximises the sound projection of a triangle. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing technique a vibrating element has been integrated into the beater. This minimises the contact noises that are caused by every rigid triangle beater and allows the sound of the instrument to unfold in an optimal fashion. The triangle beaters of the "Elastic" series rest vibration-free in the hand and are perfectly suitable for individual soloistic beats and for beautifully sounding rolls at all dynamic levels.


Device for playing the triangle (249)



  • clamp-on triangle holder for music stand 246
  • triangle holder with leather cover for finger, music stand or combination stand 247



The unique Kolberg combination stand system provides multiple and multi-functional possibilities for mounting instruments with optimum sound results. We would be glad to provide advice and help you assemble combination stands according to your wishes and specifications.

Recommendations from our range:

  • combination stand for 1 triangle 2110K1
  • combination stand for 1 triangle, multi-purpose 2110KM
  • combination stand for cymbal or triangle, free suspension 2110KS
  • combination stand for 5 triangles, classic 2110K
  • combination stand for 5 triangles, modern 2110K2



  • triangle bag for 2 triangles 2121T,
    for two Kolberg triangles size 1 - 3 (up to 21 cm)
  • triangle bag for 5 triangles and beaters 2130T,
    for a set of 5 Kolberg triangles size 1 - 5 (up to 30 cm)
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