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CD "Detached" - Jasmin Kolberg Trio

CD "Detached" - Jasmin Kolberg Trio
CD "Detached" - Jasmin Kolberg Trio

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  • CDJK3
  • CD "Detached" - Jasmin Kolberg Trio
JASMIN KOLBERG – Marimba and Vibraphone ULRICH SCHLUMBERGER – Accordion HENRIK MUMM -... more
Product information "CD "Detached" - Jasmin Kolberg Trio"

JASMIN KOLBERG – Marimba and Vibraphone


HENRIK MUMM - Contrabass


1. Astor Piazzolla / Oblivion

2. Claude Debussy / 1ère Arabesque


Johann Sebastian Bach / from Toccata E minor BWV 914:

3. Exordium

4. Un poco allegro à 4

5. Fuga à 3


6. Saverio Tasca / Incenso


Astor Piazzolla / from Tango Suite:

7. Andante

8. Allegro


9. Claude Debussy / La belle au bois dormant

10. Eric Sammut / Caméléon

11. Astor Piazzolla / Ave Maria

12. Serge Folie / Baltracan

13. Max Reger / Moment musical

14. Astor Piazzolla / Libertango


One might think that Europe and Argentina are worlds apart. When it comes to music, however, close connections exist. Bandoneon player and composer Astor Piazzolla lived in a paradox between these worlds. He was ashamed of his tango past and wanted to be part of the classic modern tradition instead. I can relate to his inner turmoil really well as I love tango, jazz and pop as well as classical music. And it also took me a very long time to be able to melt all these influences into one musical unity. Piazzolla went from tango to classical until he found his own roots, whereas in my case the love of tango awoke after a long period of classical music.


Johann Sebastian Bach and other European composers, especially French, connect me with Astor Piazzolla. Their influence can be clearly heard in every one of his works, while the original tango elements are perceptible at the same time.


It is wonderful to be able to feel my European roots in his music. To me Astor Piazzolla's music means liberation from a stereotype concert program. Astor Piazzolla was encouraged in particular by his teacher Nadia Boulanger. In a 1989 interview with Gonzalo Saavedra he said "She taught me to believe in myself. That my music was not so bad as I thought because I played tangos in cabarets. But that I had indeed something called


That's the reason for the title "PIAZZOLLA DETACHED"


With this album I want to make the musical influences of his life audible. The story of his life shows me that we should never give up trying to find our authentic selves.

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