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CD "Mosaique" Jasmin Kolberg

CD "Mosaique" Jasmin Kolberg
CD "Mosaique" Jasmin Kolberg

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  • CDJK2
  • CD "Mosaique" Jasmin Kolberg
WERKE von Eric Sammut   1. Stroboscope 2. Rotation 1 3. Zapping Trio 4. Rotation 2 5.... more
Product information "CD "Mosaique" Jasmin Kolberg"

WERKE von Eric Sammut


1. Stroboscope

2. Rotation 1

3. Zapping Trio

4. Rotation 2

5. Kaleiduoscope

6. Rotation 3

7. Hombre d'août

8. Caméléon

9. Rotation 4

10. Marcello

11. Libertango (A. Piazzolla / arr. Eric Sammut)


In 1998 I heard Eric Sammut play some of his compositions for the first time. I felt touched by his music in my heart. I absolutely wanted to perform his works, which were not yet available at the time. He sent me his handwritten notes on the spot. Immediately I discovered that my sonic facets and musical interpretations could unfold in his compositions without any restrictions and dealt intensively with his music in the course of the last few years.

What fascinates me is his attention to detail and his handling of harmonies, which gives his music a variety of colours. Its compositional building blocks, forms and colours give each piece its own character. These pieces, in turn, form a complete work that repeatedly brings to my mind the image of a mosaic that I want to make audible with the recording of this CD.




ERIC SAMMUT - Vibraphone & Marimba


NIKOLA SCHRAGE - Violoncello


VEIT HÜBNER - Double-bass


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