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Cimbasso stand
    item no.: 4411C
  • Height-adjustable, non-swivelling stand with solid felt supporting bowl, felt-padded support surfaces, twined cord safety fastener
Ständer für 2 Trompeten
Stand for 2 trumpets
    item no.: 4432TR
Ständer für 2 Trompeten und 2 Dämpfer
Stand for 2 trumpets and 2 mutes
    item no.: 4420
  • Stand with two supporting cones and height-adjustable mute holder. The instruments are stored on 10 mm solid felt bases.
Horn and trumpet holder
    item no.: 4270HTR
  • A seamless cover of soft synthetic material protects both instruments while preventing unwanted sounds.
Trompetenständer, hoch, Reisemodell
Trumpet stand, tall, travelling model
    item no.: 4422
  • The height-adjustable folding stand (35 - 55 cm) is ideal for soloists and Big-Band players as well as on- and off-stage musicians who play standing.
Tuba stand
    item no.: 4427
  • Stand and supporting bowl can be adjusted independently to fit each individual tuba.
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