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Tuba chair "Comfort line" (3105T)

Tuba chair "Comfort line" (3105T)
Tubastuhl "Komfort"
Tubastuhl "Komfort"
Tubastuhl "Komfort"
Tubastuhl "Komfort"

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  • 3105T_HA
  • Tubastuhl "Komfort" (3105T)
The tuba player can rest his instrument comfortably while playing, without requiring an... more
Product information "Tuba chair "Comfort line" (3105T)"

The tuba player can rest his instrument comfortably while playing, without requiring an additional stand. The tuba support is directly connected to the chair and can be adjusted both in height and distance from seat. It can be swivelled to the side. The round tuba supporting cushion can be rotated eccentrically, which permits an optimum adjustment of its position.


Tuba support

  • Height: approx. 45 - 70 cm, infinitely adjustable
  • Distance to seat: maximum 14 cm (centre of tuba support)


Seat height: approx. 42 - 55 cm, fluid height adjustment via pneumatic mechanism

Adjustment: fluid inclination adjustment up to 20° via eccentric quick-release fastener

Seat shape: standard "F" = flat; or optionally "S" = S-shape

Seat: fixed, non-swivelling

Backrest adjustment: fluid adjustment of height via knurled screw, fluid adjustment of inclination via pneumatic mechanism with release lever.

Base: five-legged base with pneumatic spring, high-gloss chrome-plated


Seat height

All "Comfort line" orchestra chairs feature pneumatic height adjustment.A safety pneumatic spring mechanism allows fluid, smooth, silent height adjustment by means of a release lever.


Seat inclination

The seat inclination can be fluidly adjusted by up to 20° by means of a sturdy, user-friendly eccentric quick-release fastener. Once set, the position is firm and steady.


Seat shapes

1. Standard shape "F" with rounded front edge
2. Curved shape "S" with rounded front edge and spinal support
The rounded front edge forestalls leg fatigue and circulatory problems. The back support forestalls damage caused by poor sitting positions.
Seating surface: width x depth = 44 x 42 cm.


Backrest adjustment

The backrest inclination is adjusted by means of a TÜV-tested safety pneumatic spring with release lever with break-proof bearing. Thanks to extreme lift of the pneumatic spring, the backrest provides support even when seated in the foremost seating position. The removable backrest can be adjusted in height fluidly and silently by means of a knurled screw. The position set is firm and steady.


Seat design

The seat, mounted on elastic rubber elements, is crafted from robust multi-ply beech wood and features ventilation perforation holes. It has 4 cm of high-quality breathable foam rubber cushioning.



The backrest pan is made from multi-ply beech wood and covered with a synthetic material covering. The backrest cushioning is a 3 cm thick layer of high-quality breathable furniture-grade foam rubber. Its moveable mounting on back upright allows it to adapt perfectly to the user's posture.


Fabric cover

In January 2014 we started to supply our chairs with a new and better fabric of flame-retardant Trevira® CS with abrasion resistance of 100,000 rubs (Martindale).
Standard colour: anthracite (flecked with grey, insensitive to dirt)
From a distance of 2 - 3 m on the difference between old and new fabric cannot be discerned any more.

Fabric colours
2 or 3 coloured melange: red, wine-red, green, blue, anthracite (standard)
solid coloured: black

Other colours and fabrics are available on request. We recommend fabrics that are 2 or 3 coloured, as they are insensitive to dirt.

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Weight: 11.5 kg
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