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Music stand lamp, halogen 24 V, 2nd choice

Notenpultleuchte Halogen 24 V, B-Ware
Notenpultleuchte Halogen 24 V, B-Ware

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  • item no.: 4310HS

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  • 4310HS
  • Notenpultleuchte Halogen 24 V, B-Ware
- 2nd choice: slight optical defects, sale of model change -   Illuminant : 20 W halogen, G4... more
Product information "Music stand lamp, halogen 24 V, 2nd choice"

- 2nd choice: slight optical defects, sale of model change -


Illuminant: 20 W halogen, G4 base, 500 Lux

Voltage: 24 V, for connection to a 24 V main transformer; blackout capability

Equipment: cable switch, 3 m cable (without plug), bulb

Colour (lamp arm): black powder-coated


Accessories (extra charge):

  • Mobile rack for music stand lamps 4341
  • Universal clamp-on holder for Kolberg music stand lamps 4320HU
  • Adapter holder for music stand lamps 4319
  • Grand piano/harpsichord lamp holder 4320HF


Halogen lamps - Perfect lighting with a warm tone -

Halogen lamps are characterised by their long service life of up to 2,000 hours, by the constancy of their brightness (the bulbs do not blacken with time) and by spreading their illumination evenly. The light yield of halogen bulbs is around 50% higher than that of incandescent lamps. All halogen lamps can be dimmed and most are capable of blacking out.
The lightweight yet sturdy steel tubing lamp arm ensures a stable light position. All lamp shades feature a swivel/pivot joint which allows their individual adjustment. They can be adjusted to suit any musician's needs, whilst their slender design ensures the player has an unobstructed view of both conductor and orchestra.
The special design of the compact lampshades guarantees a uniform illumination of the music sheets and glare-free sight. Even if the lamp is inclined to an extreme position, the bulb will not dazzle other musicians in any way.
The special music stand joint with integrated lamp holder allows the lamp to be attached easily and swiftly, as well as permitting a 8-cm height adjustment of the lamp. If one music stand and one lamp are ordered, this music stand joint is delivered. This joint can be retrofitted to already existing music stands.


Lamp service

Of course we offer all the spare parts you may need for your lamps such as bulbs, LED illuminants, cables, switches, cable transformers and lamp shades. Apart from this we also carry out any repair and service work that may be required.

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