Kolberg Steelband

In Germany, there are hardly more than a handful of steelband formations to date. The Kolberg Steelband is one of them. The initiator, founding member and driving force was Bernhard Kolberg. Motivated by his hobby, the percussion instrument maker was able to attract and win over colleagues and friends with these musical instruments. 

Since 1998, rehearsal phases have taken place at regular intervals, focusing on original rhythms such as calypso and soca with their Caribbean temperament. Experiments in other styles are also part of the programme and lend completely new facets to well-known pieces of music. 

Steel bands still have something exotic about them in this country, although the music on oil drums has been known beyond the borders of its island of origin, Trinidad, since the 1960s. The musical instruments, which are still handmade today, are the rebellion of the indigenous people of Trinidad put into form. Through oppression, coercion and prohibition, groups formed to express their fear and frustration and drew strength from these typical calypso and soca rhythms. 

Today, the people of Trinidad see their playing more as a leisure activity. They meet in so-called panyards and have real competitions for the hottest rhythm. The crowning glory is a parade at carnival time. The growing popularity of the steelpan and the constant development of the instruments to a range of more than 4 octaves today allow for a repertoire from calypso to classical music. 

For booking enquiries, or if you would like to become part of the Kolberg Steelband, please contact yvonne@kolberg.com or phone us: +49 (0) 7161 3005 - 0. 

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