Transport cases for soloist pedal timpani 23", 26", 29" and 32". Available with or without casters.


Flight cases with casters

Item no.Overall dimension (height x width x depth)
SP23KRapprox. 78 x 77 x 77 cm
SP26KRapprox. 83 x 81 x 81 cm
SP29KRapprox. 88 x 89 x 89 cm
SP32KRapprox. 92 x 97 x 97 cm


Flight cases without casters

Item no.Overall dimension (height x width x depth)
SP23Kapprox. 66 x 77 x 77 cm
SP26Kapprox. 71 x 81 x 81 cm
SP29Kapprox. 76 x 89 x 89 cm
SP32Kapprox. 80 x 97 x 97 cm


Lightweight design:

  • Relatively low empty weight
  • Paddings at all crucial places and adjustable elastic straps provide for the instrument's safe storage or safe transport respectively
  • Sturdy laminated birchwood with a finish of synthetic resin, thickness 6 mm
  • Reinforcing doubly profiled aluminium extrusions and steel ball-corners
  • Recessed Butterfly locks and fold-down handles that don't come off
  • Casters: optionally Ø 100 mm with solid rubber wheel tread (2 fully locking, 2 with brake but without rotating stop)


All flight cases are made in single-piece work in solid craftsmanship.


Equipment above standard (additional charge)

  • Padlock for Butterfly lock:
    According to the customer's request the locks provided are keyed alike (single key system) or have different keys
  • Stacking combinations:
    To save room and weight, flight cases with matching floor dimensions can be designed as stacking combinations. The bottom case remains as it is, the top case features stacking ball-corners instead of casters. This makes it approx. 5 kg lighter and 12 cm lower.
  • Labelling:
    The labelling of your flight cases with the orchestra's name and logo, the description of the contents as well as the numbering of cases of the same kind is included in the price in case of complete orders.


Special designs

Particularly for your individual needs we provide practical solutions for smooth professional work in the orchestra.

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