• triangle size 5 / side length 30 cm
  • handmade in Ø 12 mm (thin version - SPECIAL MODEL)

Kolberg triangles of the "Golden Exotic"- series are made of a specially prepared, high-quality bell bronze alloy and gilded, giving the instruments the exceptionally warm, soft sound character, a balanced wide frequency spectrum and a very noble appearance.



  • very warm sound
  • soft attack
  • balanced overall sound with wide frequency spectrum
  • sonorous and homogenous decay of vibration through tapered tips



  • high-quality bell bronze alloy, gilded (slight optical defects)



  • precious design, gilded
  • tapered tips


Accessories (additional price)

Recommended beaters

In order to cover a maximum range of sound and dynamics Kolberg Percussion provides a comprehensive range of triangle beaters to choose from. They are different in diameter, form and material. For triangles made of bronze we recommend our triangle beaters "Ellipse" or "Cylindric" with bronze tip, that bring out optimally the homogenous sound character and the low frequencies of the instruments, with their full sounding and very soft attack.


Device for playing the triangle (249)



  • clamp-on triangle holder for music stand 246
  • triangle holder with leather cover for finger, music stand or combination stand 247



The unique Kolberg combination stand system provides multiple and multi-functional possibilities for mounting instruments with optimum sound results. We would be glad to provide advice and help you assemble combination stands according to your wishes and specifications.
Recommendations from our range:

  • combination stand for 1 triangle 2110K1
  • combination stand for 1 triangle, multi-purpose 2110KM
  • combination stand for cymbal or triangle, free suspension 2110KS
  • combination stand for 5 triangles, classic 2110K
  • combination stand for 5 triangles, modern 2110K2


Triangle bag for 5 triangles and beaters (2130T), for a set of 5 Kolberg triangles size 1 - 5 (up to 30 cm)

Triangle bag for 5 triangles and beaters
Triangle bag for 5 triangles and beaters
Product number: 2130T
Product number: 2130T


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plus Shipping costs

Triangle clamp-on holder
Triangle clamp-on holder
Product number: 246
Product number: 246


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plus Shipping costs

Triangle finger-holder with leather cover
Triangle finger-holder with leather cover
Product number: 247
Product number: 247


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plus Shipping costs

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