Kolberg's new freely vibrating triangle beater series "Elastic" maximises the sound projection of a triangle. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing technique a vibrating element has been integrated into the beater. This minimises the noises that are caused by every rigid triangle beater and allows the sound of the instrument to unfold in an optimal fashion. The triangle beaters of the "Elastic" series rest free in the hand and are perfectly suitable for individual soloistic beats and for beautifully sounding rolls at all dynamic levels.


Triangle beaters "Ellipse" with their tip of stainless steel provide very flexible and differentiated possibilities of play and sound thanks to the special elliptical form of the tip - from delicate to voluminous and powerful sound. The cylindrical rod and the tip are made of stainless steel. The coloured grip sleeves clearly define the different sizes also in poor lighting conditions (e.g. orchestra pit) and they provide a pleasant grip.


Available in 3 sizes, approx. 20 cm long, sold in pairs:

Item no. Head ØColour code
ES887EEDsize 18 mmgreen
ES888EEDsize 29.5 mmyellow
ES889EEDGröße 311 mmred


Set of triangle beaters "Ellipse" (3 pairs):

Item no. Head Ø
ES880EEDsize 1 - 38 - 11 mm


very brilliant
For triangles made of silver steel we recommend our triangle beaters "Ellipse" with a stainless steel tip, that bring out optimally the brilliant sound character rich in overtones of these instruments and enable very articulated and succinct play.


Accessories (extra charge)

Bag for 3 - 6 pairs of triangle beaters 881

Triangle bag for 5 triangles and beaters
Triangle bag for 5 triangles and beaters
Product number: 2130T
Product number: 2130T


incl. VAT
plus Shipping costs

Bag for triangle beaters
Bag for triangle beaters
Product number: 881
Product number: 881


incl. VAT
plus Shipping costs

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