Especially for tubular bells we offer a unique variety of hammers, so that you can produce the characteristic bell sound and cover a broad range of sound. Our range comprises 15 variants of tubular bells hammers - finely differentiated as to hardness and hammer size and especially with regard to weight. In addition we offer further special mallets and cluster mallets. We would be pleased to advise you for your personal choice.


New in our range and unique worldwide are the tubular bell hammers "Elastic". This series produces a uniquely pure and rich bell sound without any disturbing contact noises. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing technique the hammer head is rubber-cushioned and ensures optimum transmission of the attack energy to the bell, with perfect sound as a result. The ergonomically shaped hammer shaft is pleasant to hold and is vibration free in the hand of the musician.
We invite you to visit our showrooms in order to discover the new sound of tubular bells, created in connection with the unique "Concert" tubular bells made by Kolberg and the new tubular bell hammers "Elastic".


Item no.SizeHead ØWeightRecommended use
ES843Hsmall40 mm220 gflexible, small hammer for virtuosic, succinct play
ES844Hmedium50 mm300 gsonorous all-round hammer
ES845Hlarge60 mm480 gextra voluminous, bell-like individual strikes, especially for Kolberg tubular bells "Concert"



  • Hammer head made of very hard phenolic cotton (hardness scale 95)
  • One striking surface with leather
  • Ergonomically designed shaft made of hornbeam, lacquered

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